Neutral Ground

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Upcoming Events

Intimate Dinners

We host bi-weekly, intimate dinners of under a dozen guests. A featured guest from a local non-profit or social good startup shares their work and leads the dialog. Contributions are expected from all guests, be it material (wine or cheese), inspirational (stories or ideas), or donations to a relevant non-profit. Sign up above or follow us on Facebook for an invitation.

Benefit Show

We're raising money to provide 1,000 healthy breakfasts to the street community. The fundraiser culminates in a benefit show at 50 Mason Social House on January 31st. Please donate on Rally and RSVP on Facebook.

Battery Exchange

Many social services and job opportunities require phone or internet access to apply. While the city has prioritized free wifi, it lacks public electrical outlets. Every Wednesday we distribute rechargeable USB batteries to the street community, exchanging dead batteries for fully charged ones. We are in need of volunteers, locations, and future funding; email info@neutralground.com to get involved or donate on Rally.



100% of donations go to the benefit organization. If you opt to support the Food Fund, that money will go towards materials for dinner. See below for other ways to support the Food Fund!

Subscribe with Bitcoin

Automatically donate 0.04 bitcoin to our benefit organizations every two weeks. Subscribe Now.

Buy Groceries

Support local producers and retailers while supporting to the Neutral Ground Food Fund.

Group Farm Orders from Farmigo

Order produce straight from the farm and pick it up at the next Neutral Ground dinner. Farmigo will donate 10% of proceeds to the Food Fund.

Home Delivery Farm Orders from GoodEggs

Shop at GoodEggs and enter promo code fettuccinecabbagearrugula to donate $15 to the Food Fund and get $15 off your own order.

Rainbow Co-Op Delivery from Instacart

Support local retailers like Rainbow. The link above will donate $10 to Neutral Ground and get you $10 off your order.