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Benefit Dinners

We host intimate dinners of under a dozen guests. A featured guest from a local criminal justice organization shares their work and leads the dialog. Contributions are expected from all guests, be it material (wine or cheese), inspirational (stories or ideas), or donations to a relevant non-profit.

Food Trade

It's like a potluck, but you leave with food for the week. Bring home cooked or home-grown food and your own to-go containers. Check our Facebook events for this week’s theme and location.

Film Screenings

Occasionally we convert our living room into a small movie theater and show a film about criminal justice reform on our projector. It's a great opportunity to Connect with others living in the world's incarceration capital and learn about local organizations working towards criminal justice reform.


Waffle Stoop

Join us at Grow On for waffles and coffee, and learn how permaculture can sustain healthy communities – 2nd Wednesdays at 8am; Grow On Urban Farms, 2358 Urquhart St.

What to bring: Waffle toppings (fruit, syrup, etc), your helping hand on the farm, or a financial contribution to Grow On

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Criminal Justice Reform

Neutral Ground is here to support the work of existing organizations. We encourage you to follow and support the organizations that most interest you.

Local Organizations

The Justice and Accountability Center of Louisiana
The Justice and Accountability Center of Louisiana tackles deficiencies in the post-conviction phase of the criminal justice system while creating a supportive collaborative space for attorneys and advocates.


Voice of the Experienced
Our membership, staff, and board consist of Formerly Incarcerated Persons (FIPs) and allies, all working together to create a space and a voice for people impacted by the criminal justice system in the United States.


New Orleans Workers' Center for Racial Justice
The New Orleans Workers’ Center for Racial Justice is dedicated to organizing workers across race and industry to build the power and participation of workers and communities.


Louisiana Prison Education Coalition
The Louisiana Prison Education Coalition is a group of people that are committed to increasing the educational opportunities for the 45,000 people currently in prison in Louisiana and all those directly impacted by the prison system.


The Promise of Justice Initiative
The Promise of Justice Initiative is a private, non-profit organization that advocates for humane, fair, and equal treatment of individuals in the criminal justice system.


Orleans Parish Prison Reform Coalition
Orleans Parish Prison Reform Coalition was founded in 2004 by local individuals and organizations who came together to demand changes at the Orleans Parish Prison as the city was poised to elect a new sheriff.


Court Watch NOLA
Court Watch NOLA was founded in 2007 by the Business Council of New Orleans and the River Region, Common Good, and Citizens for 1 Greater New Orleans as a grassroots volunteer effort to bring greater transparency and efficiency to our criminal courts.


Rising Foundations
Stopping the cycle of incarceration through community economic development.


Prisoner to Patient
We are a diverse group focused on bringing patients, caregivers, and professionals together to identify the most effective ways to deliver healthcare to formerly incarcerated people.


Louisiana is Ready
Anti-Canazzaro website by The Advocacy Fund

Local Chapters

Vera Institute of Justice New Orleans
Vera's work in New Orleans began in 2006, when the City Council invited us to assess the criminal justice system and propose reforms as part of post-Katrina recovery efforts.


Roderick and Solange MacArthur Justice Center New Orleans
The New Orleans office has expanded opportunities for the Roderick and Solange MacArthur Justice Center to affect civil rights and human rights through litigation to reform the criminal justice system.


From New Orleans and Louisiana, the world’s incarceration capital, we meet those serving time inside and outside the criminal justice system.